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About us

Tianjin Premier Cultural Products Co., Ltd is a leading Electronic and digital accessories and Office Equipment & parts Exporter in China. Our Company locates in Tianjin, China,  geographical, only 30km away from the Tianjin Port, which is the largest sea port in North of China.

Tianjin Premier Cultural Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2009, integrated earphone development, production and sales, and we have very good relationships with the Electronic and digital accessories manufacturers in China. In the meanwhile, our company is operated by professional team of staffs who are engaged in the business of Electronic and digital accessories and Office Equipments field for over 10 years.

Premier always adheres to the ideal of pursuing the essence of music and adheres to the faith of “quality builds a brand”. In the past years, Premier focuses on product and technology research and development, constantly explores and masters a full set of headphone production technologies, including  core technologies, and strives to build the best quality in audio field.

Premier has one-stop production equipment for product research and development, mold manufacturing, plastic injection, and product manufacturing. It is also equipped with a series of automated testing equipment. All manufactured products have undergone strict inspection and testing. Production process management has passed ISO 9001 international quality system certifications.

Our Motto: Specialized in the Core Field, Customer Oriented, Mutual Benefit. We welcome the customers all over the World visit us!



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