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About us

Tianjin Premier Cultural Products Co., Ltd is a leading Office Equipment and Eletronic parts Exporter. Our Company locates in Tianjin, China,  geographical, only 30km away from the Tianjin Port, which is the largest sea port in North of China.

Tianjin Premier Cultural Products Co., Ltd was founded in 2009, and we have very good relationships with the manufacturers in China. In the meanwhile, our company is operated by professional team of staffs who are engaged in the business of Office Equipments field for many years.

We offer all models of Original and Compatible Parts and Consumables for Copiers and Printer

Brand: HP  Xeorx Sharp Canon Minolta Toshiba Samsung Panasonic Ricoh Brother Aurora Kyocera

Our Main Products are as follows:

Picker finger, Corona wire,Thermoswitch,cleaning web, Thermistor, fuser Rollers,

Cleaning roller, Copier gear, Bushing,pickup roller , tire, cable, End block,Handle,transfer belt,bearing, pressure roller, separations pad, heating element, fuser film sleeves, Toner, OPC Drum, Developer, Drum Units, Touch Screens, etc.

Our Motto: Specialized in the Core Field, Customer Oriented, Mutual Benefit. We welcome the customers all over the World visit us!



Contact: Jessie Xu

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Tel: 0086-22-59388861

Email: jessie@pcopiers.com

Add: Room 113-1, Block C, Chenhe Creative Industry Park, No.1 Chenwei Road, Hebei District Tianjin 300143 China

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