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What products can UV printers print?

I believe many people know about UV flat-panel printers, but most people don't know what products UV flat-panel printers can print. Basically, customers only focus on the product industry they are engaged in. UV flat panel printer is a special non-contact inkjet printing, which can directly print any pattern and gradient effect on any plane material. Of course, now it has been developed to print cylindrical products and realize the seamless connection of 360 degree rotary printing.

UV flat-panel printer can easily realize various scheme effects on the product surface, such as plane magic color, relief hand feeling, local wispy space or color leucorrhea varnish effect. It is the mainstream application at present. Let's take a look at the UV tablet printer.

To sum up, common UV flat panel printer printing materials include:

1. Banner cloth, PVC cloth, white canvas and canvas;

2. Light box cloth, light box sheet, pearl cloth and soft film;
3. Stainless steel, wood, paint plate, aluminum alloy profile and aluminum alloy paint plate;
4. 3D grating plate; Leatherwear; PVC. PC.PET. PE. ABS sheet;
5. Corrugated board, hollow board, KT board, Chevrolet board, glass, ceramic tile and marble;

6. Acrylic plate; aluminum composite panel. Polyurethane plate and other media.

Common application industries of UV flat panel printer include:

1. Advertising industry: signs, POP products, advertising products, exhibition props;

2. Home building: decorative glass, push-pull cabinet, ceiling, background curtain wall, environmental protection ultraviolet decorative plate and decorative lamp;
3. Image products and decorative paintings: decorative oil paintings, leather products, 3D decorative paintings, photo frames, wedding images;
4. Electronic appliances: home appliance panel, membrane switch, personalized color shell;
5. Gifts and packaging: customized gifts, stationery toys, packaging products.
6. Cylinder: wine bottle, moisturizing cup, PVC round pipe.


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