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Successfully transformed from copier consumables into a whole industry chain supply enterprise in the copier field

Compared with the printing consumables industry, the copier consumables industry in the 1990s has just started. Due to the lack of industry standards and mixed production, most products can not be used normally on the equipment, resulting in a lot of after-sales problems, which virtually increases the service cost of after-sales personnel. In order to solve the industry pain point of after-sales dilemma, Jiaze culture aims at the market segment of copying consumables and invests a lot of equipment for R & D and testing, which makes consumables greatly meet the requirements of high-quality agents, greatly reduce after-sales costs, improve service profits, enhance user trust and expand the broad market. Jiaze culture has cut through thorns and thorns on the road of copier consumables for 12 years. After 12 years of technological precipitation, Jiaze culture has enough experience and strength to deal with the highly competitive and unpredictable market.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the printing consumables market, many domestic selenium drum factories are turning to the copier industry, resulting in uneven quality of copier consumables. Low quality copying consumables have caused the agents in many countries to distrust the quality of copier consumables produced in China, affected the world reputation made in China and had a negative impact on the market. This problem deserves the attention of the industry. In view of this phenomenon, if enterprises want to achieve the ultimate product quality, they need enough time and large enough R & D team to strictly control and develop the products, so as to meet the needs of customers for products under different use environments. High quality products are the best answer to the market and customers. All members of Jiaze culture will always remember to "travel all over the world according to quality and be famous all over the world by reputation". Meeting 100% of customers' needs has always been our goal.


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