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LD Launches New Lexmark MS/MX*17 Series Gold Line SKUs


LD Products Channel Partner Division is pleased to announce the expansion of their GOLD Line Series with the addition of several new build cartridges for use in popular Lexmark printers.

Now ready for order taking, the new laser printer cartridges are expected to be in high demand for dealers looking to improve their toner margins on popular newer Lexmark printers in the field.

Matt Geisel
Matt Geisel

“We have the perfect profit relief solution for managed print providers stuck in low margin contracts with our full line of premium quality new build toner cartridges,” stated Matt Geisel, VP Sales at LD Products Channel Partner Division. “Dealers will immediately increase their margins and provide their customers with a brand-new cartridge for a lot less than leading remanufactured cartridges.”

Imaging dealers and managed print providers already using the Gold Line series of new cartridges have been very impressed with the image quality, yield and performance vs the OEM - especially resellers who are no longer a part of Lexmark’s BSD program suffering from decreasing margins.

With managed print dealers searching for an OEM alternative to protect their margins in contracted business, LD has been able to provide MPS dealers a brand new cartridge that delivers a step up in quality, value and performance over leading remanufactured cartridges.

Dealers can now source the full range of MS, MX and CS model skus manufactured in the last 3-10 years from LD Products Channel Partner division for use in popular Lexmark devices.

LEXMARK 51B1000 CP51B1000GD LEXMARK MS317, MS417, MS517, MS617, MX317, MX417, MX517, MX617 SERIES (2.5K) 2,500
LEXMARK 51B1H00 CP51B1H00GD LEXMARK MS417, MS517, MS617, MX317, MX417, MX517, MX617 SERIES (8.5K) 8,500
LEXMARK 51B1X00 CP51B1X00GD LEXMARK MS517, MS617, MX517, MX617 SERIES (20K) 20,000
LEXMARK 53B1000 CP53B1000GD LEXMARK MS817 series (11K) 11,000
LEXMARK 53B1H00 CP53B1H00GD LEXMARK MS817 series (25K) 25,000
LEXMARK 53B1X00 CP53B1X00GD LEXMARK MS817 series (45K) 45,000

LD executives say this is just the first of more exciting product launches of aftermarket alternatives for Lexmark dealers coming soon. In September, LD plans to launch the following skus for use in the latest Lexmark printers: MS/MX/CS: 321, 421, 521, 522 and 622 families along with the C and MC 2325, 2424, 2640. Furthermore, the B and MB families are expected to be released during September.

Imaging dealers and managed print providers looking for profit relief on contracted service agreements can reach out to discuss their requirements and volumes with their LD Channel Partner representative to create a suitable plan with aggressive pricing, ship ready inventory and nationwide distribution to anywhere in the USA.

Find out what dealers are saying about out our Gold Line Series!

The LD GOLD Line series of premium quality new build cartridges for use in Lexmark printers are sold exclusively through LD reseller partners and interested parties are invited to contact their LD Channel Partner representative to learn more.

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