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TEAM Concept continues business growth with Ricoh, propelling 5th Color capabilities

Printing company upgrades to RICOH Pro C7210X after first-generation Ricoh 5th Color becomes a massive hit with customers

https://static.ombe.com/slir/w125/forums/200/rickpics/Ricoh_logo.jpgThroughout their years of collaboration, Ricoh experts often met with TEAM Concept business leaders, helping to further their alliance by constantly looking for ways to help their business grow. Prior to adding the RICOH Pro C7210X, TEAM Concept first entered the 5th Color realm with two RICOH Pro C7100X presses. Its customers were so impressed with the results that the company quickly found itself surpassing the platforms' duty cycles.

"We loved the five-color Ricoh platform we had, and the RICOH Pro C7210X's movable 5th Color station made it even better. Now, we could offer more applications even more efficiently by printing with a white base coat in a single pass," said Tony Rouse, President and CEO, TEAM Concept. "The Pro C7210X can definitely handle a lot of work, and we plan to be giving it quite a bit, especially as we go forward with our #TEAMtough campaign, which is highlighting the ways our business is banding together with the communities we touch to overcome adversity. The press is complemented nicely by our RICOH Pro C9210, which helps when larger orders come in."

Rouse opened the company in a 5,000-square-foot facility in Addison, IL, with his partner Vince Manini in 1998, where they found significant success. Soon after, TEAM Concept was moving into a 36,000-square-foot space in Carol Stream, IL – a facility they have continued to grow into, as they are in the process of taking over the entire 60,000-square-foot building. The company has continued to grow, serving primarily the trade publications market, where customer service, print quality and finishing capabilities can make all the difference – and all are points of pride for TEAM Concept.

"TEAM Concept's ongoing success proves the power of finding the right partner and growing together in a long-term alliance built on mutual respect, trust and expertise," said Heather Poulin, Vice President, Marketing, Commercial and Industrial Printing, Ricoh USA, Inc. "It's a real validation of our overarching goal to build alliances with our customers in order to achieve shared successes. TEAM Concept is a company with a strong vision for its future, and we're honored to help them bring that vision to fruition."


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